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Caltech Connection began in 2018 under the leadership of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering assistant professor Scott Cushing. It is an outreach and mentorship initiative that pairs Caltech graduate student and postdoctoral mentors with mentees from local colleges. With guidance from their mentors, mentees will build science acumen, confidence, and learn tangible technical skills to strengthen their academic and career paths in STEM fields.

Students have access to world-class resources and facilities and can partake in experimental and/or computational activities to gain experiential knowledge.

Mentors hone their skills in teaching, training and leadership while championing for STEM education. Faculty are available to provide additional guidance and input.

In addition to building invaluable relationships among a cohort of mentors, mentees, and faculty supporters, Caltech Connection hosts supplemental activities, such as meetups and lab tours by members of the Caltech community.

Partners include local two- and four-year colleges, such as Compton College, Charles R. Drew University of Science and Medicine, Pasadena City College, Santa Monica College and Cal State LA.

Additional Details

The program runs from November through May.

  • Mentor-mentee pairs meet weekly or twice monthly for 1-2 hours
  • Flexible schedules
  • Lab shadowing/work takes place during the second half of program
  • Interim reports and final poster presentations required
  • Small stipends available for mentees and mentors